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Trail Building Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to supply the equipment and dirt for the build?
    We can completely coordinate all equipment rentals, dirt purchasing and delivery, or you may do it yourself. But we can work that out up front before we start the build process.
  • What type of equipment is needed for the build?
    This will vary on each build, however, it takes a bit more than a shovel and wheelbarrow. Expect to utilize a skid-steer loader (tracked with smooth bucket) to move dirt, a plate compactor to compact the dirt, hose with spray nozzles and working water hook up, hand tools like smooth flat shovels, hand tampers and rakes. For some applications, Soiltac (dirt sealant) may be necessary. Asphalt, projects may have additional tool requirements.
  • Where does the dirt come from and does it need to be special dirt?
    The track will be as good as the dirt. Select fill type (60 / 40 sandy clay) dirt is recommended and can vary in price depending on quality. We will make sure to source out the best dirt options inside your budget.
  • How long does a typical build take?
    The time put in to each track will depend on the size, layout and overall finish of the build. Typically projects will take 4-7 days.
  • What will it cost me?
    Pricing has many variables. Please contact us directly for a quote on your build project. Give us a call at 936-217-9401 or email us at
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